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Cliff Gardiner Property was established in 2012 to assist clients with property search requirements in Central London. We find better properties and negotiate lower prices for our clients whether they are buying or renting properties both on and off the open market. 



We’ll set up an initial consultation with you to determine your requirements for your property search. Then, we start contacting local estate agents and our wider network of property contacts to identify suitable properties. Finally, once you have found a property, we conduct all of the negotiations on your behalf – securing the property for the best price possible. We manage the purchase right through to completion.


Firstly, we help our clients clarify their prime lettings search criteria. Then, we touch base with all the key estate agents, preview and shortlist the best properties quickly and efficiently. Our prime lettings finders service takes away the challenging and frustrating process from our clients. Often clients use our rental search service as a stop gap before undertaking a search to buy their London home.


If you have found a suitable property but would like a qualified second opinion from an expert before you commit to the purchase, get in touch. We will be able to provide you with additional information on the market history of the property and the specifics of sales in the immediate area. We will also guide you on what we feel would be the most effective negotiation strategy to secure the property at the best possible price.


There’s a minefield of conflicting reports and information from developers and their agents all touting their schemes as having the greatest investment potential. With our expert knowledge of the London property market, we are able to give solid, informed advice about the best investment property opportunities for our clients. Supply your brief and we’ll find an investment property that matches your return criteria.

London Property Market News & Insights

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UK housing market predictions 2021

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Why use a Buying Agent?

Finding great houses or apartments to purchase is hard work. A lot of the transactions happen quietly off market. With all the contacts and experience that we have, we still put in a tremendous amount of work on behalf of our clients in ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the quest to unearth the best properties. It is our full time job, our 100% focus and we need every hour in the day, so we think that it would be almost impossible for a property buyer to cover the ground we do whilst maintaining some degree of normality in their everyday lives.

Trying to search for a property whilst maintaining a full time job would be particularly difficult and there is no doubt that opportunities would be missed doing property searching on a “part time” basis. For this reason, we feel that working with a buying agent is a pre requisite to buying the very best property.

Put simply, efficient property search requires a degree of organisation and commitment, it involves a huge number of telephone calls, emails and property visits to shortlist suitable homes. It requires time, energy and patience to follow up leads really quickly when suitable properties become available. And that is before you have built up a complete network of contacts in any given area, not just estate agents, who might come up with something special. Developers, architects, solicitors, bankers, old clients, friends etc etc.

So why use a buying agent? You just simply could not hope to cover all the bases we do without one.  


Advice based on knowledge and experience

Voted in the Top 50 Property Search Agents London by Prime Movers, Cliff Gardiner Property has been opening doors for buyers since 2002. 

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