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Property Buying Agents London | What to expect


What’s the process for working with a property search agent?


Initial consultation

Firstly, we arrange to meet with you to discuss your property search. This is when we explain our service offer in detail. At this stage, we will begin to better understand the kind of property that you are looking for, the local amenities that you will need and the areas which might be of interest to you. We agree upon fees, take care of basic admin and we are then formally underway.


Finding your property

At this stage, you can relax, knowing that we are turning over every stone to seek out properties – both widely available and privately for sale/off the market. We then set to work with your clear brief in mind. We contact local estate agents and our wider network of property contacts, to identify suitable properties. In the first instance, we visit the properties on your behalf and shortlist to show you the most suitable properties.


Managing the purchase

Once you have selected a property, we will discuss and agree on a negotiation strategy with you. We then conduct all of the negotiations on your behalf to ensure that we secure the property for the best price possible. When your offer has been accepted, we liaise with solicitors, surveyors, mortgage brokers and other parties. This ensures that the progress of your purchase runs as smoothly as possible through to completion.


Property Buying Agents London Case Study
Property Buying Agents London Case Study
Property Buying Agents London Case Study

Contact us today to get your property search underway.

Property Review Service London | What to expect


It is easy to get carried away when you think you have found the perfect property.  Emotions can sometimes obscure common sense. I have seen certain Estate Agents give the industry a bad name by taking advantage of unadvised buyers. We are very happy, for a much-reduced fee, to give the benefit of our industry knowledge. This ensures that you know the facts before considering what offer to make and on what terms.

Our property review service will give you the confidence to know that you are negotiating from a position of strength. It may just give you a competitive advantage over some ill-advised buyers. In fact, in this industry on average 30% of agreed purchases fall through before exchange of contracts. Giving you a qualified, impartial view of the property before you commit to the purchase may just save you from making an expensive mistake.  


Prime lettings agents | What to expect


The rental market can be extremely challenging and frustrating. You often have less time to make a decision. In fact, multiple agencies widely advertise and list most rental properties. Also, it is often difficult to establish how long a property has been available. This can make it difficult to know exactly where you stand, how much a property is worth and how much time you have to make your choice.


Our Prime Lettings Search service takes away this challenging and frustrating process from our clients. We help our clients clarify their prime lettings search criteria. We take over all contact with the key estate agents. In fact, we preview and shortlist the best properties quickly and efficiently.  This saves our clients the inconvenience of visiting unsuitable properties. Basically, it takes the stress away from what can be an enjoyable process. 


Rental property Search London
Property Buying Agents London Case Study | Short Let in Mayfair
Property Buying Agents London Case Study | Prime rental Search in Central London
Investment Property Search Agents | What to expect


There’s a minefield of conflicting reports and information from developers. All of their agents tout their schemes as having the greatest investment potential. The simple fact is that location is indeed everything. The best indicator of potential for future capital growth is the track record of the local market, together with infrastructure and travel amenity improvements.

At Cliff Gardiner Property Buying Agents London, we can provide a comprehensive analysis of local market trends. We base them on our inside knowledge of how local markets perform in the toughest of markets.  

New development brochures and websites can be extremely compelling. They heighten the desire of overseas investors to invest in the newest, latest scheme, sometimes excluding common sense and decent property market analysis. Most new build schemes in London over the past decade have been labelled prime London. But, this is far from the truth. Prime London, in reality, consists of a relatively small geographical area of familiar Monopoly board addresses. Traditionally, these areas hold their value due to the rarity of exceptional properties within them.

We feel that obtaining good advice and guidance in the investment property field is vital for those investing with a limited knowledge of the prime London property market. There is currently an abundance of new build scheme in all sorts of secondary locations being sold as prime London.

Furthermore, badly advised investors could lose considerable amounts of money due to purchasing a poorly located property. These so-called investments often have limited resale prospects. This is especially due to the high transactional costs associated with the purchase of second homes. 

Contact Cliff Gardiner Property Buying Agents London to see how we can assist you in finding an ideal property with great investment return potential.


Investment Property London | Neo Bankside
Property Buying Agents London Case Study | London Investment Purchase | Imperial Wharf
Property Buying Agents London Case Study | INVESTMENT PROPERTY SEARCH
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