Here you can see a selection of recent property finding service case studies undertaken by Cliff Gardiner Property.  Each property search is unique and consequently has it’s own personal story. 

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London Property Market News & Insights

The property market as the Covid threat recedes.

It's the third week of May 2021 and the property press are hyping the market to an almost hysterical level. At the same time, my clients are seeing the same old properties available to purchase all over central London and no sign that the market is freeing up. So what...

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UK housing market predictions 2021

UK housing market predictions 2021

In November 2020, I was asked a series of questions about prospects for our housing market in the near future. The questions and my responses are below: 1. Are house prices expected to fall? If so, when? It is difficult to lump all houses into one homogenous group and...

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Property Finding Service Case Studies
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Property Finding Service Case Studies
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Recent Property Finding Service Case Studies demonstrating the wide variety of properties and people who we work with at Cliff Gardnier Property.